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Courses are scheduled in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Fall (August to December) and spring (January to May) semesters are 16 weeks in length, and summer session lasts eight weeks (June to early August). For information on current semester dates, please go to the Mizzou Academic Calendar.


Red X = available for enrollment

Core Courses (16 hours)
Fall Spring Summer
F Sp Su
FOREST  4385/7385 Agroforestry Theory, Practice and Adoption (highly recommended to take this course first) X/X X/X  
FOREST 8385 Ecological Principles of Agroforestry   X  
FOREST 8401 Topics: Agroforestry Economics and Policy     X/X
ENVSCI 4396/7396 Agroforestry for Watershed Restoration X/X    
FOREST 8050 Research in Forestry (Professional Paper) X X X
FOREST 9087 Seminar in Forestry   X  
Electives (14 hours)
Fall Spring Summer
F Sp Su
NATR 7325 Introduction to Geographic Information System     X (2016)
FOREST 4390/7390 Watershed Management and Water Quality X/X    
SOIL 4313/7313 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition   X/X  
NATR 4353/7353 Natural Resource Policy and Administration   X/X  
FOREST 8515 Advanced Forest Biometrics   X  
ESC PS 7170  Introduction to Applied Statistics X X X
AG ED LD 8250 Leadership Theory and Application (Great Plains IDEA; additional fees may apply) X   X
AG ED LD 8087 Seminar: Technology Transfer and the Role of Agriculture and Extension Education (Great Plains IDEA; additional fees may apply)      
BIOCHM 8120 Advanced Medicinal Plant Science X    

Note: The University reserves the right to change or cancel courses as needed.

Total Suggested for Graduation: 30 credit hours